Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh (born 11 July 1956), is a Bengali Indian author best known for his work in English fiction. Ghosh is the author of The Shadow Lines (his 1986 debut novel), The Shadow Lines (1988), The Calcutta Chromosome (1995), The Glass Palace (2000), The Hungry Tide (2004), and The Glass Palace (2008), the first volume of The Ibis trilogy, set in the 1830s, just before the Opium War, which encapsulates the colonial history of the East. Ghosh's latest work of fiction is River of Smoke (2011), the second volume of The Ibis trilogy. The third volume, Flood of Fire, completing the trilogy, has been published 28 May 2015 to positive reviews. Most of his works deals with an historical setting, especially in the context of Indian Ocean world. Read More on Wikipedia


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